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One Nation

Under Love

Transforming America from the Inside Out

a virtual circle of meditation,
contemplation, prayer & shared intention

Deepen your spiritual practice while helping to heal the heart and soul of America. 

Join your fellow citizens to imagine and call forth the nation that Love would build • Tap into the power of collective intention to transform society for the better • Clarify your own best contribution to a better, fairer, more just America.

A Turning Point in Our Collective History

You’ve probably noticed the mess we’re in as a nation. It seems like there is no end to the chaos, conflict, and change. Coping with Covid-19. Racial injustice. Social unrest. A future that feels more uncertain than ever. As if that was not enough, we are polarized, confused, angry, and afraid. We demonize one another, caught up in outrage and fear. We stand at a turning point in our collective history — a time of great danger and great opportunity. At a time when we the people need to come together more than ever before, we find ourselves divided. 

But all is not lost.

The change we are seeking — a change that can heal the heart of America — begins where all enduring transformation begins — in the invisible, intangible realm of the human mind and heart. It’s not too late to build a ‘more perfect union’.

Together we can heal the heart of our nation.

You Are Invited

Join us each month on Sundays at 7:00pm Eastern and/or Mondays at 12:00pm Eastern as together we gather to call forth the promise and possibility of a better, fairer, more compassionate, caring, and harmonious nation.

In each weekly One Nation Under Love™ meditation, we tap into the power of our collective intention to envision and imagine a United States of America that is guided and governed by love. We pulse this intention into the collective field of awareness, joining with others across the nation. We listen to our inner wisdom to discern how we may best contribute to a better, fairer, more just America. We conclude our time of meditation refreshed, renewed and ready to do our part to form ‘a more perfect union’.

Together, we help to heal the heart and soul of America.

Meet Your Host: Harry Pickens

Harry Pickens is the founder and host of One Nation Under Love. He is an award-winning performing artist, educator, composer, author, workshop facilitator and life transformation coach.

Currently, Harry integrates multiple careers of musical performance, teaching, and coaching with lifelong passions of reading, writing, practical psychology, applied neuroscience, and spiritual activism to help ordinary people live extraordinary lives — lives that are radiant with purpose, clarity, compassion, and contribution. // Contact: 

Free Meditation

Connect with your most calm, centered, grounded self. Join with others to envision and imagine the nation Love would build. Discern your best contribution to a more loving, just, harmonious nation.

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